Hier werden die Lösungen mit einem Jahr Verspätung angezeigt, d.h. Aufgaben der 4th CW 2012 (= 4. Kalenderwoche 2012) erscheinen ab 4. CW 2013.

Jahr 2012 // Jahr 2012
42nd: These are common sayings. Do you know what they mean? Can you match them?
1c 2e 3a 4b 5d
42nd CW: Believe it or not, these translations are ALL CORRECT! Choose the right translation.
1d 2a 3e 4b 5c
24th CW: More useful expressions for your composition
1d 2a 3e 4e 5b 6d 7f 8h
22nd CW: Useful expressions for your composition Find the right translation.
1d 2a 3e 4c 5b
21st CW: Fill in the misssing Latin expressions. (See 16th and 19th CW for help)
1d 2e 3a 4b 5c
20th CW: Match these idioms to these translations:
1d 2e 3b 4a 5c
19th CW: Some more Latin to impress your friends Choose the right meaning.
1b 2e 3d 4a 5c
16th CW: Here are some Latin phrases that are commonly used in German AND English. Do you know their meaning?
1e 2d 3a 4b 5c
15th CW: Where do these advertising slogans come from? ... by:
1d 2a 3e 4c 5b
14th CW: Finish the lines of these CLASSIC songs by : Simon and Garfunkel,
1e 2a 3d 4b 5c
13th CW
1e 2d 3a 4b 5f 6c
12th CW: Interesting questions
1e 2b 3c 4a 5d
11th CW: A joke a day keeps the doctor away! Who said what?
1j 2h 3g 4c 5a
6b 7d 8f 9e 10i
10th CW: All about people
1c 2d 3b 4e 5a 6f
9th CW
1d 2e 3a 4b 5c
8th CW: All about your body.
1d 2e 3a 4b 5c
7th CW: Match these idioms to these translations:
1e 2c 3d 4a 5b
6th CW: All about animals: Choose the right animal.
1d 2c 3b 4e 5a
5th CW: All about colours:
1e 2d 3a 4c 5b
4th CW: - Match these idioms ...
1d 2a 3e 4b 5c
2nd CW 2012: - Match these idioms ...
1f 2e 3a 4b 5c 6d