Spoken English: Multiple Choice

Jahr 2012 // Jahr 2012
33rd CW: What do these sentences mean? Choose the correct meaning.
1. She had butterflies (in her stomach). a) Sie ist rücksichtslos.
2. She´s inconsiderate. b) Sie ist heute neben der Spur.
3. She was beside herself. c) Sie ist verlegen.
4. She´s not herself today. d) Sie war außer sich.
5. She´s self-conscious. e) Sie hatte Schmetterlinge im Bauch.
26th CW: What do these sentences mean? Choose the correct meaning.
1. I was stuffed. a) I had enough. b) I was surprised c) I had problems.
2. It doesn´t fit the bill. a) Nobody wants to pay. b) Sth. is not right. c) It won´t be possible.
3. Sit tight. a) Don´t move. b) Just wait. c) Don´t get up.
4. It´s imperative. It´s ... a) very important. b) an order. c) really new.
5. It´s his treat. He´s going to ... . a) act b) pay c) help
25th CW: What do these sentences mean? Choose the correct meaning.
1. When you give someone a HEADS-UP, then you … . a) inform him b) look at him c) listen to him
2. When you GO OUT OF YOUR WAY, then you … . a) drive carefully b) do more than expected c) don´t want to see anyone
3. When you have ISSUES with him, then you … . a) have problems with him b) want to leave him c) have a good relationship with him
4.When someone tells you BOTTOMS UP, he wants you to… . a) stand up b) empty your glass c) give him your chair.
5. When you can do sth. HANDS DOWN, then ... . a) you don´t want to do it b) it´s easy for you c) you can´t do it.
21st CW: What do these sentences mean? Choose the correct meaning.
1. It´s SOMEWHAT accurate. a) partly b) fully c) not at all
2. Is she always this GRUMPY? a) happy b) unkind c) optimistic
3. RSVP next time. a) Please reply. b) Don´t call. c) Visit us.
4. I´ve got another GIG. a) secret mission b) job c) person to help me
5. I´m a bit MATERNAL. a) like a mother b) like a baby c) like a loser.
20th CW: What do these sentences mean?
1. “I gonna run some errands.” means I’ m going to … a) do some sport. b) buy something. c) make a mistake.
2. “This is intriguing.” means that this is … a) fascinating. b) terrible. c) something I´m angry about.
3. “You must have misread me.” means that you didn´t … a) read my text. b) do what I told you. c) understand me correctly.
4. I will work rain or shine.” means that you will work … a) only if it rains b) only if the sun shines c) no matter what happens
5. “ We´re two of a kind.” means that we are … a) very nice. b) not very different. c) never alone.
19th CW: What do these sentences mean? Choose the correct meaning.
1. He spoke his mind. a) He said what he thought. b) He didn´t think. c) He spoke too much.
2. That´ll be the day. a) It will be a great day. b) It will never happen. c) For 24 hours.
3. What do you know! a) You know the answer. b) Tell me more. c) This is really surprising.
4. " Where can I crash?" means : Where can I ... a) sleep? b) get some money? c) get help?
5. We´re on the same page. a) We´re reading the same text. b) We think in the same way. c) We´re using the same textbook.
16th CW
1. Where SHOULDN´T you go when looking for a “Toilette”? a) Bathroom b) Restroom c) Closet d) Men´s room
2. When you are "at a loss for words" then you don´t ... a) remember the right word. b) know what to say. c) feel well.
3. I didn´t know that "at the time." means that you didn´t know a) the time. b) when. c) at that moment.
4.Someone calls you a "son of a gun" they want to say that you ... a) are great. b) like guns. c) are an idiot.
5. Someone gives "a penny for your thoughts" so they would like to .... a) know what you think. b) give you some money. c) listen to one of your songs.
15th CW
1. I´d do it anyway. >> Ich würde es ... a) trotzdem machen. b) nie machen. c) überall machen
2. I´m intrigued. a) Ich bin fasziniert. b) Man hat sich gegen mich verschworen. c) Ich bin ratlos.
3. Pretty please. a) Bitte, bitte. b) Schön gemacht, bitte. c) Ziemlich höflich.
4. I´ll catch you later. a) Bis später. b) Ich fange dich später. c) Ich verstehe dich noch nicht.
5. I didn't quite catch what you said. a) Ich bin dagegen. b) Wie bitte? c) Dafür habe ich kein Verständnis.
14th CW
1. I´"ll be home BY 4 o´clock " means ... a) at 4 o'clock at the latest b) definitely before 4 o´clock.c) at exactly 4 o´clock.
2. “It´s ALL BUT impossible.” means it´s … . a) impossible b) quite possible c) almost impossible
3. “I used to know.” means that I … . a) still know b) knew but now I don´t c) don´t want to talk about it
4. “I´ll be in touch.” means I … . a) like touching people b) will contact you c) will get some information
5. “I look out for you.” means I … . a) want to speak to you b) miss you c) make sure nothing happens to you
13th CW
1. “He´s old school.” he … . a) is old b) lives in a school c) is a teacher d) thinks like sb. who is old
2. I don´t do well with “douche bags” means I … a) don´t take a shower. b) hate washing. c) hate idiots. d) need a bag.
3. "Let bygones be bygones." means: Don´t .. a) talk about it. b) stop them c) cry, he´s dead d) go there.
4. If you need a little “pick-me-up” you need … . a) a strong drink b) something positive c) somebody to pick you up d) something to work with
5. The idiom " I got the picture" means you ... a) bought a picture b) have no idea c) have just gone shopping d) understand
12th CW
1. “This is Greek to me.” means … . a) I don´t understand b) it´s too expensive c) this is very old
2. You say “Been there, done that.” to express that … . a) you like travelling b) it´s not new to you c) you did what they told you
3. “That´s something you can write home about.” means that you … . a) should write to your parents b) can be proud c) are coming home soon
4. He´s nothing if not an actor” means he´s … actor. a) a really good b) a really bad c) just an
5. “I´m just teasing you.” means that I … . a) am not serious b) am making you laugh c) love you
10th CW
1. "We didn´t see eye to eye" means that we ... a) disagreed b) had different heights c) agreed d) we were far away.
2. “Let´s play it by ear” means we should … a) make some music. b) listen carefully. c) improvise. d) have a good plan.
3. "Beats me" means ... a) he hit me b) I don´t know c) he was faster than me. d) he left me.
4. "It's your call" means that you ... a) should call me. b) called someone. c) have to decide. d) are speaking too loudly.
5. "Get out of my face" means ... a) go away b) I can´t see anything. c) Don´t touch me. d) Stop kissing me.
9th CW
1. You couldn’t give me a hand, ... ? a) couldn’t you? b) you couldn’t? c) could you? d) you could?
2. If your friend is “cocky”, they ... a) are like an animal. b) are hot. c) have bad manners. d) are fantastic
3. "He drove under the influence" means ... a) his father was next to him b) the weather was bad c) the accident wasn´t his fault d) he was on drugs.
4. "I had a gig in London" means I ... a) went on holiday there b) did a job there c) had an accident c) met a nice girl there.
5. "I need 12 hours, give or take" means a) I need more time b) If you want, I´ll work 12 hours. c) about 12 hours d) exactly 12 hours
8th CW
1. “He´s all but happy now” means he … a) is nearly happy. b) thinks he´s happy. c) is not happy at all.
2. A “rookie” is someone who … a) likes the Internet. b) starts a new job. c) likes boxing.
3." He pulled a fast one on me" means he ... a) won in a race against me. b) played a trick on me. c) forgot a date.
4. "She´s into me" means ... a) there´s an accident with her. b) she hates me. c) she likes me a lot.
5. When someone tells you to "cut it out", he wants you to ... a) stop. b) help him. c) leave.
7th CW
1. If somebody “takes French leave”, he … a) takes something without asking. b) leaves without saying goodbye. c) goes to France.
2. My boyfriend’s a “wannabe” , that means he’s … a) a criminal. b) like a baby. c) someone who wants to be someone else.
3. I heard that he “kicked the bucket”, so he … a) is dead. b) is no good. c) is angry.
4. He is such a "pussy" means that he … a) likes cats b) is heterosexual. c) is always frightened.
5. When you are asked to “walk the line” you should … a) not turn left or right. b) behave well. c) use drugs.
6th CW
1. If you give someone a “warm hand” you ... a) are gay. b) know the person is warm. c) show that you are happy about them.
2. If someone “OD-ed”, he ... a) died of drugs. b) drove too fast with his car. c) overdid it.
3. You´re told to do something ASAP, you ... a) must see the person right away. b) mustn´t do it at all. c) have to do it quickly.
4. When your homework was "easy-peasy" then it was ... a) too much b) too little c) very easy d) horrible
5. What he did was “a piece of cake”, so it was … a) sweet and tasty. b) cheap. c) easy.
6. What do you do when somebody says “Let's call it a day!”? a) You say: “Yes, what a day!” b) You get up and get dressed. c) You stop working, you´ve done enough!
5th CW: Choose the correct answer.
1. She’s so ..., she always cries! A) sensitive B) sensible C) senseless D) senseful
2. She ... her children, she gives them whatever they ask for. A) damages B) ruins C) spoils D) hurts
3. How long does the film ... ? I have to be home by 11. A) run B) take C) pass D) last
4. I didn’t meet him, when I arrived, he ... home. A) was leaving and went B) left and went C) had left and gone D) has left and was gone
5. Until last weekend, his family ... from him for six months. A) didn't hear B) hasn't been hearing C) hasn't heard D) hadn't heard
6. I have finished copying all ... the last page. A) till B) and C) but D) for
7. When you are a “hotshot” then you are a) a hot guy. b) an expert in sth. c) good at shooting.
8. If “you got it for a song”, then a) you didn´t have to pay for it. b) it was very cheap. c) you had to sing to get it.
9. If your girl-friend is “dressed to kill”, then she a) is mad at you. b) looks great in her clothes. c) is going to hurt someone.
4th CW
1. A "diehard" is someone who ... a) is very old. b) is old-fashioned. c) never dies in a film.
2. “Here we go” means: a) We´ve arrived. b) We´re over here! c) Let´s go.
3. A “brown-bag lunch” is something you .... a) brought from home to eat. b) wrapped in brown paper. c) wouldn´t eat.
4. When somebody caught you “red-handed”, then you ... a) had red colour on your hands. b) were bleeding. c) were seen doing sth. bad.
5. What do you do if someone tells you “Bottoms up”? You ... a) empty your glass. b) stand up and go home. c) show him the bottom of your bottle.
6. “Fair enough” means that ... a) you are fair. b) you should play fair. c) it´s OK.
1st CW 2012
1. "A little bird told me." means ... a) I forgot where I heard it . b) I understand bird language. c) I heard it from a secret source.
2. “He went bananas” means: He... a) became a vegetarian. b) got extremely angry. c) went and got a strong drink.
3. If you have to “face the music” you have to … a) look at the musicians. b) accept negative consequences. c) get married.
52nd CW
1. A friend says, 'I'm broke!' Should you: a) call a doctor. b) buy him/her a drink. c) tell a teacher.
2. Someone asks you where the loo is. Should you direct them to: a) the nearest bank. b) the nearest shop. c) the nearest toilet.
3. “10 minutes tops” means: a) 10 more minutes to the top. b) 10 minutes is OK. c) no more than 10 minutes.
4. If “it is your call” then: a) you can decide. b) you should call someone . c) the phone is ringing.
5. If something isn’t “a biggie”, it´s a)not important. b) not large. c) not heavy.
6. A CEO is a a) police officer. b) Brtish radio station for kids. c) general manager.of a firm
7. If someone says to you “Go figure.”, he is a) showing you a girl. b) telling you to go away. c) surprised.
8. When you say “My bad”, that means a) your brother is bad b) you are sorry for sth. c) you are ill.
9. “ Humour me” means: a) Tell me a joke. b) Show some humour. c) Do me a favour.
10. When the police speak of a "John Doe” then a) everybody knows him. b) nobody knows him. c) only the police know him.
11. John Doe´s "sister" is called a) Jane b) Juliet c) Penny
12. A party crasher is someone who a) wasn’t invited to the party. b) breaks sth. at a party. c) doesn´t like parties.